Plot hole: There's no way that Eddie and Nana left the flooded theater without getting a single drop of water on them. The water flooded up to the ceiling and there's no other way to exit besides the front doors, and Moon's secret exit, which also floods. They do not leave through either way.

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Trivia: When Moon is riding his bike in the beginning of the film, he crosses a bridge, and we can see a whale wearing the bowler hat from "Meet the Robinsons."

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Trivia: After the frogs quit the show and Moon tries to ask the Japanese girl group Q-TEEZ to join the show, he tries to speak to them in Japanese. He says: "Anata-da shi. Sugoku kusai yo ashii no tsume, iishoni mitei kusai" Afterwards, they look offended and one of them slaps him before they all run away. To translate, what Moon says roughly translates into: "You are smelly. Like toenails."

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Suggested correction: The Japanese itself is utterly wrong. The Q-teez themselves can't speak proper Japanese (e.g. using "wareware" when no one says that nowadays) let alone be offended by a completely incorrect phrase.

What Moon wanted to say may be "anata tachi sugoku umaiyo. Watashi no yume issho ni mite kudasai." = " you're great. Let's dream together, please."

New this month Suggested correction: In Japanese that is not what he says so I don't know why they get offend.

Buster Moon: Why aren't you rehearsing?
Frog: I'm through! They said I'm an intolerable egomaniac. I don't even know what that means.

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Buster Moon: Music and lights bring magic to life.

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Buster Moon: When you've reached rock bottom, there's only one way to go, and that's up.

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Question: What happened to Mike the Mouse? At the end of the film we see him escaping with his girlfriend, but the bear is latching on the car. This is the last time we see them and we don't see them at the reopening of the theatre, so what happened?

Answer: Mike had to stay with the bears for the rest of his life.

Question: In the trailer it shows a pig singing "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga but this song is not on the soundtrack. Why is that? Also "Anaconda" on the soundtrack is "Oh.My.Gosh" instead of its proper title. Again, why is that? It doesn't make sense for one song to be in the movie but not on the soundtrack and for another song to not have its proper title.

Chosen answer: It would have to do with paying royalties to the artists if the songs were included on the soundtrack album. The artists would be paid a one-time flat fee for their songs to be used in the movies or the trailers, but for albums being sold would mean some of the profits would have go to the artists. The movie studio can make just as much on the soundtrack album without certain songs being included. Regarding the title, it may be the artist wanted it changed for some reason, or the filmmakers felt it didn't fit in.


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