Trivia: When Moon is riding his bike in the beginning of the film, he crosses a bridge, and we can see a whale wearing the bowler hat from "Meet the Robinsons."

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Trivia: After the frogs quit the show and Moon tries to ask the Japanese girl group Q-TEEZ to join the show, he tries to speak to them in Japanese. He says: "Anata-da shi. Sugoku kusai yo ashii no tsume, iishoni mitei kusai" Afterwards, they look offended and one of them slaps him before they all run away. To translate, what Moon says roughly translates into: "You are smelly. Like toenails."

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Suggested correction: The Japanese itself is utterly wrong. The Q-teez themselves can't speak proper Japanese (e.g. using "wareware" when no one says that nowadays) let alone be offended by a completely incorrect phrase.



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