Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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Factual error: After the corvette escapes at the end, Darth Vader is standing at the edge of the hanger, and his cape is fluttering in the breeze. Only problem is they're in space, with no wind, or high enough that the atmosphere is so thin that there's no wind. Or there's a forcefield closing off the hanger from the outside, so no wind. And even if it's that air is rushing out of the ship due to the vacuum, his cape would be blowing towards the hole, not away from it. Plus the troopers behind him would all be asphyxiated - their suits aren't space suits.


Jon Sandys

Factual error: When they are trying to navigate the shuttle through Eadu, the shuttle abruptly collides with a rock, which causes Bodhi to jolt backwards. If the shuttle hitting the rock had caused the shuttle reduce speed so abruptly, in the way that was shown, then Bodhi would have jolted forwards, not backwards.


Casual Person