Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

Continuity mistake: When the blonde girl is persuaded to talk to the Trogladyte, in different shots, her hair is either over her shoulders, or off her shoulders.

Continuity mistake: In the scenes where Minoton is rowing the boat, he changes from clockwise rowing to anticlockwise rowing several times, but the boat always goes forward.

Continuity mistake: When Trog is killed while battling the oversized tiger, his body falls onto the steps inside the pyramid. Moments later when Sinbad takes over the battle, Trog's body is gone.

Factual error: Melanthius claims to be friends with Archimedes, who died in 212BC. Yet the movie must be set after the birth of Mohammed, in 570AD, as it contains references to Islam. Only out by at least 783 years.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Zenobia changes into a seagull, the gull has a pendant around its neck. When we see the gull in flight the pendant is gone, but when it lands it is back.

Continuity mistake: Just before the blue light from the shrine stops, Sinbad looks up and sees a large ice crystal fall, but in subsequent shots, you don't hear it land.

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