Silver Streak

Factual error: When Richard Kiel is shooting at Gene Wilder on the train, you hear the "ping" of a "silencer" on the gun. However, Kiel is shooting a .357 magnum, which cannot be equipped with a silencer.

Factual error: When George and Grover are driving on the prairie, George points out Kansas City - and the camera pans to a beautiful shot of Toronto and the CN Tower.

Factual error: After Devereaux is shot, he sees an oncoming locomotive on the opposite track coming towards him. The Streak is traveling over sixty miles an hour on its track, but in the background to the left of the oncoming locomotive, the Streak's tracks and background are stationary. Since the Streak is traveling at high speed, the forward tracks and background would not be stationary, but rushing towards Devereaux's point of view, along with the oncoming locomotive.

Factual error: When they uncouple the cars the back of the train comes to a stop, but the front should have also. When they uncouple the cars, we see steam or smoke come out of the brake hose, brake hoses use air. At the speed that the train is going it probably would have derailed in the yard long before it hit the end, yards have tight curves and are made for slow speeds. I don't care how fast the train is going, it would not have caused that much damage.


Factual error: You can't climb up on top of passenger train cars like they did. Handrails were welded on outside of car for the movie shoot. Also the red marker lights on the front of the diesel loco as it crashes through the wall are tail lights that should be on the rear. No lights would be lit for a regularly scheduled train.

David Bridge

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