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Finding Dory (2016)

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Corrected entry: The whale shark keeps bumping into nearby things, claiming she is nearsighted. She is actually farsighted (able to see at a distance). Nearsighted would indicate she can see nearby objects.


Correction: Destiny IS nearsighted. She can't see the objects that are far away until they're very close which is why she bumps into them.

Corrected entry: Several tanks filled with fish and other sea creatures are scheduled to be transported from the Marine Life Institute in Morro Bay to the Marine Life Institute in Cleveland. The tanks are loaded onto a truck which says "Marine Life Cleveland" on the back and sides but the truck has a California license plate.

Correction: I have seen many vehicles where the plates states do not match the info printed / painted on their vehicles.

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Bailey: I will tell you if there is a wall. Wall!



When Carol, the MLI employee, is first seen carrying the white bucket in the corridor and also when Carol thinks she located Hank, the bucket has absolutely no writing on it where the handle's attached on both sides, but when Dory looks down at the bucket suddenly "Destiny" is written on it.



The license plate of the truck has the letter and numbers "A113", which appear on vehicle license plates of other Pixar films.