Finding Dory
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Bailey: I will tell you if there is a wall. Wall!

Hank: Holy carp.

Marlin: Go right over there and forget, Dory. That's what you do best.

Young Dory: Hi. I'm Dory. I suffer from short-term memory loss.

Marlin: It really is quite a view.
Dory: Yup. Unforgettable.

Dory: What is so great about plans? I never had a plan! Did I plan to lose my parents? No. Did I plan to find Marlin? No. Did you and I plan to meet? Well, I don't think we did and that's because the best things happen by chance because that's life and that's you being with me out in the ocean, not safe in some stupid glass box.

Young Dory: I like sand. Sand is squishy.

Jenny: Okay, okay, we'll pretend to be the other kids now. Hi Dory!
Charlie: Ahoy there! Do you wanna play Hide and Seek?
Young Dory: Okay! I love games.
Charlie: We'll hide and you count and come find us.
Young Dory: Okay, Daddy.
Charlie: No, no. Not "Daddy." I'm the nice fish who wants to be your friend, okay?
Young Dory: Okay, Daddy.

Marlin: Tooooootally sick!
Crush: Isn't it great?
Marlin: NO! I'm gonna be totally sick.

Dory: For a guy with three hearts, you are not very nice.

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Continuity mistake: When Carol, the MLI employee, is first seen carrying the white bucket in the corridor and also when Carol thinks she located Hank, the bucket has absolutely no writing on it where the handle's attached on both sides, but when Dory looks down at the bucket suddenly "Destiny" is written on it.

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Trivia: The license plate of the truck has the letter and numbers "A113", which appear on vehicle license plates of other Pixar films.


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Question: Is it ever explained why Dory has her memory problems? Why she has such an incredibly bad memory, even for one of her species? Head injury, exposure to a chemical, genetic?


Chosen answer: In the absence of a neuropsychological work-up, we have only Dory's word for it: "I have short term memory loss...It runs in my least, I think it does." So, Dory believes it to be genetic. At least, I think she does.

Michael Albert

Answer: Because she has short term memory loss.

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