Factual error: When Zach and Nomi are talking on stage after Nomi's disastrous experience at the boat convention, Zach places a call to Phil Newkirk. There are several problems with the call: the cell phone doesn't appear to be on (he raises the antenna at the beginning and end of the call, but he never presses an "on" or "off" button); Zach doesn't punch in enough numbers for the call to appear legitimate (too many numbers for speed dial, but too few for a local seven-digit phone number [also, since he was using a cell phone it's unlikely that he dialed a hotel extension number]); and the pauses between his words and Phil's response on the other end of the line are too short to be believable.

Factual error: In this scene at the end of the movie, Nomi is on the side of the highway attempting to hitch a ride out of Vegas. The driver in the truck picks her up and makes a right. Logically the truck would be making a right onto the highway because that is what we see in the preceding scene, but geographically the street which the driver turns onto is west of the highway and does not have an I-15 entrance. (02:01:05 - 02:02:05)

Factual error: After Nomi receives the rejection letter for the lead role, she confronts Zack: She's standing about 10 feet away from him, but somehow, the (single-sheet) letter she throws at him lands right against his chest, as if weighted down. (01:33:55)


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