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Corrected entry: Near the beginning when Nomi and her female friend (can't remember her name) get a bite to eat, Nomi's friend gets two huge sodas. A few seconds later Nomi puts the straw in and takes a sip, but it makes a noise like it's almost empty.

Correction: This could've been because there was a hole in Nomi's straw. Often when there's a hole in a straw, it makes the whistling noise similar to the one in heard in the film no matter how full the drink cup is.

Corrected entry: When the Stardust's marketing director Phil Newkirk shows up at the Club Cheetah to tell Nomi about the "Goddess" audition, he says "I'm Phil Newkirk, remember?", and Nomi acknowledges meeting him. However, when Phil was at the club the night Nomi stripped for Cristal and Zack, he wasn't introduced to her at all and never even spoke to her, so how could she remember meeting him?

Correction: We didn't SEE her being introduced. They were in the same club on the same night and it is entirely possible that they met. Films do not need to show a narrative history of every minute that passes in a character's life.

Corrected entry: When Annie is dropped, she clearly falls on her butt, yet she breaks her knee.

Correction: Very unlikely (for a knee injury), but technically possible. In EMS terms it's known as an indirect injury; traumatic injury that takes place away from the point of impact. Commonly seen in auto accidents when a subject slams their palm into the dashboard; the trauma travels up the arm and can result in a fracture of the arm or dislocation of the shoulder. Falling hard enough on the backside could cause a dislocation at the knee.

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Corrected entry: In the story, Cristal Conners is supposed to be a native Texan. If you listen to her speak throughout the movie, the inconsistency of her accent is quite obvious. Sometimes she speaks with a heavy southern accent and at other times it's very faint or nonexistent.

Correction: Lots of people's native accents get stronger and weaker depending on who they are talking to or what kind of mood they are in at the time. It would be very much in character for Cristal to speak with a heavier Texan accent when she was trying to pour on some "Southern Charm."

Corrected entry: When Nomi is performing her first show as a dancer in Goddess, she runs backstage between sets, changes into a blue sequined costume, and puts on a short red wig. Later in the movie we see her putting her wig on for the same number, except this time her wig is black. (01:02:25)

Correction: The fact that Nomi is doing the same routine does not relegate her to wearing the same color wig each time she performs that routine.

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Corrected entry: When Nomi is playing slots at the Riviera, a female attendant comes by and asks if she "wants to try some silver dollars". Later in the movie when Nomi is trying on a dress at the Versace boutique, a saleswoman appears in the reflection of the mirror and says "it looks quite good on you!". Upon closer inspection, you can see that the slot machine attendant and Versace saleswoman are the same actress.

Correction: Credits on the film list the Versace saleswoman as Melanie Van Betten and the slot machine attendant as Jean Barrett.

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Corrected entry: After Nomi's audition for Goddess, she leaves the Stardust with her male friend (I can't remember his name) and he takes her for a ride back to his place. He says he wrote a new dance number about Nomi (which he'd never shown her before until then), and as he's teaching her the first few dance moves she suddenly starts dancing as if she's done it a million times before. (00:46:30 - 00:48:20)

Correction: This is not a mistake. It is intended to show how Nomi is a 'quick study', a brilliant instinctive dancer, and that the two people are like 'one mind'. Granted its done very badly and non-subtly, but it isn't a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nomi and Molly go to the Crave Club Nomi's hair is up when they get in the car to go there, then it's down while she's dancing, and then it's up again when the bouncers drag her off the dance floor. (00:15:55 - 00:17:40)

Correction: Right after Nomi knees James in the groin, she backs away from him and as she says "I'm not teasing it now am I" she is pulling her hair up, the scene goes from the fight that breaks out back to Nomi, who has gathered her hair and is pinning it back as she watches the fight and gives a smirk. By the time she goes to leave and the other bouncers catch her, her hair is pinned completely back up. (Time stamp approx 17:00) Thus there is no continuity error here.

Corrected entry: Right before Nomi is arrested, she is in the club dancing with 3" heels on. When she is in jail you can hear as she walks that she has on heels, but when she leaves she has on slippers.

Correction: In local jails, high heels are confiscated as they can be used as a weapon. Guards issue inmates soft sole shoes/slippers. It is also very rare that females get their shoes back once they leave jail.

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Factual error: When Zach and Nomi are talking on stage after Nomi's disastrous experience at the boat convention, Zach places a call to Phil Newkirk. There are several problems with the call: the cell phone doesn't appear to be on (he raises the antenna at the beginning and end of the call, but he never presses an "on" or "off" button); Zach doesn't punch in enough numbers for the call to appear legitimate (too many numbers for speed dial, but too few for a local seven-digit phone number [also, since he was using a cell phone it's unlikely that he dialed a hotel extension number]); and the pauses between his words and Phil's response on the other end of the line are too short to be believable.

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Cristal Connors: There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.

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Question: Is this true that Jenny McCarthy almost got the main role in this movie but was fired after it was discovered that she couldn't dance?

Answer: Yes.

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