Blithe Spirit

Other mistake: When Charles tries to see if he can touch Elvira, he puts his hand behind hers, but we can't see the bits of his hand that are behind hers. Since she is a ghost we should be able to.


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Ruth Condomine: Now look here, Charles, this display of roguish flippancy might have been alluring. In a middle-aged novelist it's nauseating.
Charles Condomine: I don't see what I've done that's so awful?
Ruth Condomine: You behaved abominably last night. You wounded me and insulted me.
Charles Condomine: I was a victim of an aberration.
Ruth Condomine: Nonsense. You were drunk.



When Charles comes down to breakfast the evening after Elvira arrived, he comments to Ruth what a wonderful day it is, "not a cloud in the sky." But that's wrong; there's a low cloud bank and the rest is murky and gloomy.