Shining Through

Factual error: At approximately 27 minutes in, when they part company at the airport Douglas is wearing a Combat Infantryman Badge. The CIB was not created until Oct of '43, though the scene was taking place at the end of '41 - early '42. (00:27:05)

Factual error: In the scene where Nina is in the "secret room" in the basement of Franz Dietrich's mansion and is taking photos of secret documents with her spy camera, one of the documents she photographs details the location of the secret bomb-making factory at "Peenemuende". The location of Peenemuende on the map is marked as being in the midwest Ruhr region of Germany, whereas Peenemünde in reality is located at the north-eastern part of Germany on the North Sea.


Factual error: When Von Karajan appears conducting the orchestra at the concert he looks around 55 years old. Around 1943-1944 Von Karajan was 35-36 years old and should look younger.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Ed Leland is about to enter the Customs Office, the insignia on his hat is intact, but when he enters it has disappeared.

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Ed Leland: Forget about dying. You're not allowed to die.
Linda Voss: I've never seen you look scared before.
Ed Leland: I don't want to loose you. I want to be with you, always.
Linda Voss: Oh God, you wouldn't say that unless you were sure I was gonna die.

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Trivia: The Berlin railway station where Melanie Griffiths first meets John Gielgud is in fact St Pancras station in London.

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