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Corrected entry: When Linda Voss meets Ed Leland at a party of the US Army six months after the war began, they are dancing to the song "I'll be Seeing You". This beautiful song was recorded in Feb 17, 1944. It entered the charts two months later, where it stayed for 24 weeks, topping the charts for 4 weeks. They were dancing to a song 2 years before it was recorded.

Correction: The song was published in 1938, and was popular during WW2.

Corrected entry: The flag in Douglas' office when interviewing Griffith is a 50 star flag instead of the 48 star version.

Correction: The flag has 48 stars, not 50. Even though it's hanging down and folded over on itself and you can't count all the stars, it's simple to tell. A 50-star flag has 9 alternating rows of 6 or 5 stars and a 48-star flag has 6 rows of 8 stars. The shot of the flag I see, it's partly cut off from the fold, but I can count at least 7 stars in a row, meaning it's impossible to be a 50-star flag.


Continuity mistake: When Linda Voss and the children return home from the city (after the bombing) and are greeted outside by Franze-Otto Dietrich, Linda has her watch on her right wrist (as she is a lefty). As Dietrich and the children are heading into the house, you see a close up of Linda checking the time on her watch and it is on someone's left wrist. When she subsequently goes into the basement to look around, the watch is back on her right wrist again.

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Ed Leland: Forget about dying. You're not allowed to die.
Linda Voss: I've never seen you look scared before.
Ed Leland: I don't want to loose you. I want to be with you, always.
Linda Voss: Oh God, you wouldn't say that unless you were sure I was gonna die.

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Trivia: The Berlin railway station where Melanie Griffiths first meets John Gielgud is in fact St Pancras station in London.

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Question: Voss and companion attend a classical concert in Berlin. Does anyone know the name of the play? It is not listed in the credit section. It is probably Wagner.

Thorsten Bayer

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