Now You See Me 2

Revealing mistake: When Dylan is looking at the news articles in Thaddeus' cell, the camera pans over to one of the articles with the headline, "I am a victim": Thaddeus Bradley. The opening paragraphs on the first column are repeated throughout the entire article.

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Revealing mistake: When the Horsemen are on the Thames after exposing Walter and Tressler, after Daniel introduces Dylan to the crowd as their leader, there is a shot of Daniel patting Dylan on the back. The shot then cuts to one of the crowds cheering. In this shot, three extras at the front of the crowd can be seen briefly looking at the camera as it passes by. The first is a man in a black coat, red scarf and holding a green glow stick, standing to the right of shot. The second is a woman in glasses standing beside the man. The third is a woman standing to the left of shot wearing a white hat. (01:48:50)

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Plot hole: Prior to the final show, when the horsemen are performing separately at different locations in London. [Scene X] Jack is busy with his card swap trick. While others are doing their tricks too, [Scene Y] McKinney is believed to be tricked once again by his face sharing brother at another location... Dylan gets a call and then he calls everyone to wrap up and meet somewhere. [Scene Z] Jack also wraps up and leaves the place... OK. Later after the expose in final show McKinney tells the story about how Jack successfully hypnotized his brother [in the Scene Y]. How could Jack be at two different locations at the same time? He was performing somewhere else when he did hypnotism at another location and then wraps up his trick back where he started.

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J. Daniel Atlas: We are going out with a show people will never forget.

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