Now You See Me 2

Factual error: The movie shows the FBI operating in London in order to capture the Horsemen. The FBI does not have jurisdiction to operate outside the United States, although they can act with agencies in other countries.


Factual error: When Lula is performing her dove tricks in London she's standing by Cutty Sark, a historical ship museum in Greenwich. Greenwich is south of Thames river. When Walter and his company are showing the positions of the Horsemen on the map of London all of them are shown north of the Thames.

Milan Korenica

Factual error: When it's 00:00 on January 1st, it's not night in Sydney, it's 11 AM. When they 'reveal' stuff at the end of the movie, and they show that things happen exactly at 00:00 in the night in London, it can't possibly be dark in Sydney, Australia.


Factual error: After his show Atlas reveals he did his rain trick using rain machines and strobe lights. While this is technically correct it only makes the rain appear to stop, not prevent it from falling. But during his show when the rain is "stopped" we see no splashes on the ground or on people who put down their umbrellas.

Milan Korenica

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