The Divergent Series: Allegiant

With Jeanine dead, Evelyn has taken control over Chicago. Trials are held for the Erudite traitors which include Max, Caleb, and Peter. Max is executed while Tris and Four devise a plan to free Caleb. After doing so, Tris and Four, along with Caleb, Peter, Christina, and Tori venture over the wall. Tori is killed by Edgar when they reach the top. Edgar follows the group beyond the wall but is unsuccessful in stopping them when a camouflage wall opens to reveal soldiers on the other side. The group is taken to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare where they are tested and it is determined that Tris is "Genetically Pure" while Four, Caleb, Christina, and Peter are "Genetically Damaged". Tris meets the Director, David, who wants to take her to Providence to show a group of people known as the Council that Tris is living proof that being Genetically Pure is possible. Tris' trust in David ultimately drives a wedge between her and Four, who by experience, is understandably is skeptical of David's intentions when he discovers that David steals children from their families and wipes their memories with a memory serum.

Character mistake: When Tris and Christina are going to rescue Four, Tris asks how to use the drones. When Christina tells her that she must use her left hand she can be seen using her right hand to control them.

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David: You want change without sacrifice, you want peace without struggle. The world doesn't work like that.

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