The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Continuity mistake: Periodically, we see beyond the wall, where it appears to be heavily forested just beyond the wall and a distance beyond. However, once past the wall, the group starts with a cliff down and then it is completely barren, with completely different weather conditions (frequent red rain).

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Suggested correction: You're talking about two separate areas. We don't know how far they travelled before coming upon the desolation. The valley was rocky and sparse with trees, but you still see plenty of trees at the edge of the desolation.


Continuity mistake: When Four uses the wristband to free himself from the cell in Erudite as Tris and Christina engage the guards, as soon as the door opens he drops the wristband. In the next shot when all the guards are down, the wristband has changed positions on the floor.

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Suggested correction: It's in the same position, it's just the camera angle has changed. Look at in the first shot you can see 3 windows and the light from those 3 windows, which when the camera moves, we only see light from 2 windows. In the next shot, we only see 1 window and just a little bit of light from the 1 window.


Character mistake: When Tris and Christina are going to rescue Four, Tris asks how to use the drones. When Christina tells her that she must use her left hand she can be seen using her right hand to control them.

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David: You want change without sacrifice, you want peace without struggle. The world doesn't work like that.

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