The Divergent Series: Allegiant

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8.1/10. It's a bit messy. I still liked it, well done just not like its excellent predecessor. Jeff Daniels really stands out here as the villain David. I wish they'd have followed the book more. It would've been better were it not for the greed of the studio heads who wanted one more movie like those other book turned movie franchises and that was the wrong way to go here. Tris' death was necessary because she was an extraordinary person in the books who sacrifices herself for all the people of Chicago. Woodley here seems a little downtrodden at certain points as if she either knows what's happening to the franchise or she's become bored with it like Jennifer Lawrence did with X Men. Still while it's not great it's not bad, I'd call it decent.


Continuity mistake: Periodically, we see beyond the wall, where it appears to be heavily forested just beyond the wall and a distance beyond. However, once past the wall, the group starts with a cliff down and then it is completely barren, with completely different weather conditions (frequent red rain).

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Suggested correction: You're talking about two separate areas. We don't know how far they travelled before coming upon the desolation. The valley was rocky and sparse with trees, but you still see plenty of trees at the edge of the desolation.


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David: You want change without sacrifice, you want peace without struggle. The world doesn't work like that.

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