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Corrected entry: The basis of the film is that the bad assistant mayor of Zootopia is involved in making predators revert to their natural character (as the film says "in their DNA") and attack "prey" citizens. One of the animals that was reverted and attacked another animal (a jaguar) was an otter (Emmett). An otter has no predator DNA to revert back to.


Correction: Otters are carnivorous. They eat fish. Therefore Emmett does have the predator DNA. Given how the story pans out it's relevant that even the least threatening predator appeared to have savage instincts.

Correction: "It is in their DNA" was just Judy's hypothesis before she learned the truth. The attacks had nothing to do with being predator or prey nor their DNA. Animals turned savage because they were shot with extract from poisonous flowers. If prey species had been poisoned, they would also have gone crazy.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Judy catches Weaselton, Chief Bogo opens up the duffel bag Weaselton had and chastises Judy for spending her time catching a crook's "Vidalia onions." However, Vidalia onions get their name from Vidalia, Georgia, which would be impossible for them to know about.

Correction: A lot of things in the film would be "impossible." However, in the Zootopia universe, it's possible there is a place called Vidalia where the onions grow or that Vidalia, Georgia exists. This would make interesting trivia perhaps, but it would not be a mistake in a film like this.


Correction: This movie takes place in a fictional world so there could be many logical reasons for Judy knowing the type of onions that Weaselton had.

Corrected entry: When Judy is performing her play about how you can be whatever you want to be, the ketchup from the stage disappears.

Correction: Judy has the ketchup removed as part of cleaning the stage during the performance (a common practice). You see when her box comes down it covers the ketchup and then you see her pull the red streamers into the box as well. When the box is raised, the ketchup and the streamers are gone, she could have easily placed them in a holding area inside the box to get them off stage when the box is raised.


Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, the train that Judy goes on and get off is different, for example, check the doors of the train. (00:09:20)

Correction: This is not the case at all, you can very much tell that the train Judy boards is identical to the one she exits, she simply leaves from a different set of doors that can be seen as the train pulls up and leaves the station in Bunny Burrow, These doors can also be seen as the train pulls into the main station in Zootopia.


Corrected entry: Judy Hopps loses her cell phone (a "carrot" phone) into the water when she falls from a vine bridge. Later in the film, she is using the same phone as a light when she is trapped in a dark building.


Correction: The item she loses is her police radio, she uses her phone in the limo and then later in the hospital. In between these scenes is the moment you are referring to, and she does not use her phone then.


Corrected entry: Judy Hopps leaves a pair of earbuds on a table in her room and goes to begin her first day as an officer of the Zootopia Police Department. That evening when she returns to her room, the earbuds are gone.

Correction: The table the earbuds are on is in the dark, making them hard to see, but they are there. The submitter may be thinking the earbuds were on the other table away from the door, which is in the light and no earbuds are seen, but that's the wrong table.


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Continuity mistake: During Judy's chase, Duke Weaselton falls beside the large donut sign and the bag filled with flower bulbs lands on the street near the sign, but in the shot of Judy running down the street yelling, "Stop right there" the bag has moved much further up the road beside double yellow road lines, but after Weaselton kicks the donut and it rolls down the street, the bag has vanished from both areas, though the bag reappears after Judy saves Fru Fru.

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Judy Hopps: Life's a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.

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Question: When Nick first appears on the screen, he walks in front of a big truck driven by a ram. Is the ram driving the truck Doug (Bellwether's sniper who composes the serum)? Also, when Judy and Nick confront Bellwether at the museum, is Doug the ram who blocks the doorway (dressed as a cop) Judy and Nick try to escape through or a different ram?

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Chosen answer: It is possible as this ram does sound very similar to Doug, but there are also many similar character models in the film that look the same but have very minor visual differences, the only true way to know would be if one of the creators reveled the identity of the ram.


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