13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Visible crew/equipment: When the G.R.S. team drive to Chris Stevens residence, they encounter a road block; one of the cars being a pickup truck with a machine gun (commonly called "Technicals"). In several rear shots from behind it, there is a camera and operator on the edge of the hood. The cameraman is covered by a black sheet to make it difficult to see him.


Visible crew/equipment: After leaving the Ambassador's compound and returning to the Annex after Ambassador Stevens decides to stay at the compound, Rone is asked how did it go, where he replies "He's a rock star. Everybody in Benghazi knew he'd be there" and walks indoors. Whilst Rone walks through the doorway, the reflection of the camera and cameraman can be seen reflected in the glass pane of the door as the camera passes by. (00:33:45)

Casual Person

Visible crew/equipment: At 12:17am, after the police car slows down and speeds back up in front of the Annex, Rone says "Oz? This is where we make our stand." Whilst Rone is talking, the camera is panning down on Oz who is keeping watch and the shadow of the camera can be seen cast on the top of the wall towards the left of shot. (01:27:35)

Casual Person

Visible crew/equipment: When the Annex is being invaded by the Tangos, one of the GRS team members is shown running across the courtyard whilst Oz, off-screen says "We got about 25-30 Tangos." About a second before the shot ends, the shadow of the camera can be seen cast on the wall of the building whilst the man is running and is then cast on a tree in the foreground of the shot. (01:32:05)

Casual Person

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