Bad Boys

Continuity mistake: Horowitz applies the corrosive chemical to one fence, but when he and Mick escape the next day, they break through two fences.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: Mick buys 3 cans of cola from the machine. But when he's in his room and empties his pockets, there are 4 cans. (00:48:20 - 00:49:15)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning at the school when Paco says " hey J.C." his body and his left arm against the locker move between shots.


Continuity mistake: The large scar on Mick's face increases size between when he is with the judge and when he gets to the jail.


Continuity mistake: Just one second before Mick stabs the floor instead off Paco, Paco has no blood around his mouth and nose.


Continuity mistake: After Mick and JC finish having sex, in the shots of both of them together talking, she's leaning on her nightstand. When the camera is just on her, she's leaning up with her arms around her knees. (00:12:40 - 00:13:40)


Continuity mistake: Before Tweedy rapes the black kid, Horowitz was playing soccer with Mick but suddenly he is drinking water below Tweedy and Viking.

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Suggested correction: This is not Horowitz! Watch carefully. Horowitz doesn't have a beard.

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Visible crew/equipment: About one hour and fifty minutes in, the two stars get into a fight and are rolling around the floor. In at least one scene, a cameraman, with a handheld Panavision camera, is quite visible in the middle of the shot.

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Warden Bendix: One way or the other, I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

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Trivia: According to the audio commentary on the DVD, actress Jamie Lee Curtis makes a very quick cameo at the beginning of the film. However, her name is not listed in the credits.

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