The Score

The Score (2001)

Ending / spoiler

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Right after De Niro successfully blasts his way into the safe and retrieves the scepter, Norton shows up and, aiming a gun at De Niro, instructs him to hand over the treasure. Norton justifies this double-crossing by explaining his theory that De Niro and Marlon Brando were gonna split the lion's share of the loot and only give a pittance to Norton. De Niro does hand over the scepter, but as the security guards enter, they both make a run for it. A few minutes later, away from the crime scene, Norton phones De Niro, who tells him to check the bag with the scepter. Norton sees that he was given a fake scepter while De Niro has the real one. De Niro retires (the scepter is presumably his last score/robbery). He meets up with Angela Bassett at the airport. Meanwhile a massive manhunt commences for Norton, whose prospects look grim.

Frank Oz