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The Score (2001)

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Right after De Niro successfully blasts his way into the safe and retrieves the scepter, Norton shows up and, aiming a gun at De Niro, instructs him to hand over the treasure. Norton justifies this double-crossing by explaining his theory that De Niro and Marlon Brando were gonna split the lion's share of the loot and only give a pittance to Norton. De Niro does hand over the scepter, but as the security guards enter, they both make a run for it. A few minutes later, away from the crime scene, Norton phones De Niro, who tells him to check the bag with the scepter. Norton sees that he was given a fake scepter while De Niro has the real one. De Niro retires (the scepter is presumably his last score/robbery). He meets up with Angela Bassett at the airport. Meanwhile a massive manhunt commences for Norton, whose prospects look grim.

Frank Oz

Factual error: When Nick navigates through the sewer system, he checks his position using GPS. The position on his display corresponds to the middle of the North Atlantic instead of the Montreal area.


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Max: My God! Let me get a look at you. You know, you look like shit. What's your secret?

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Question: During the sequence in the vault, De Niro uses a kind of torch. This torch emits sparks and is powerful enough to cut steel but is small enough to take with him. Is there such a torch? And if so what does it use for heat?

Answer: It's called a thermic lance.

Answer: More than likely its a plasma cutter. I am not sure what it uses for heat but I know its a common welding tool used in motorcycle and car shops. You can see one being used on Monster Garage on Discovery all the time.

No... That's a Thermite or Thermic lance. It melts steel nice and clean.

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