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Corrected entry: It would be impossible for Robert DeNiro to blow the door off of the safe in the fashion he has chosen. Safe doors are secondarily unlocked (after the combination is presented) by turning an exterior handle that release the bolts that secure the door when it's closed. Because this mechanism was not engaged, and the bolts were not released, the door is still in its strongest state. And the bolts are not apparent on the removed door that falls to the floor, nor is the special glass insert that makes the safe door undrillable.

Correction: Why would it be impossible? No matter how well made the bolt system is, the door is still the weakest part of any safe. When DeNiro's character set the dynamite off inside the safe, that pressure needed to go somewhere so it blew off the door.(The hole in the top was not large enough to discharge the pressure quickly enough.).

Corrected entry: In the scene where De Niro is putting all of his stuff in the trunk of the old beater he sometimes drives, you can clearly see part of the crew behind his head to the left WAY in the background of the parking garage. (01:53:50)

Correction: The shot is SO quick and brief, you can't tell if it's crew, a car, or a shadow.


Corrected entry: When Jack met Nick and Max at Nick's place, he started discribing his job at Customs. He told them that his work time was from midnight to 8:00 a.m. But while he is talking, the images show him entering at Custom when the day was not dark yet.

Correction: The area is well-lit, but it's definitely at night and dark out when Jack enters the building.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Robert de Niro blows the door of the safe, the safe door (which is several inches, with big bolts) is blown across the room. But the fragile aluminium boxes inside are not affected by the explosion at all.

Correction: Actually, since the boxes are presumably not watertight, they would have filled with water and received approximately the same pressure wave inside and out, resulting in little deformation. The big door received all the force on one side, which is why it was blown off.

Rooster of Doom

Factual error: When Nick navigates through the sewer system, he checks his position using GPS. The position on his display corresponds to the middle of the North Atlantic instead of the Montreal area.


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Max: My God! Let me get a look at you. You know, you look like shit. What's your secret?

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Question: How did Robert know Edward was gonna double cross him?

Answer: He didn't know for a fact that it would happen, but he was experienced enough in these kind of high-stakes operations to plan for literally every contingency, including a double-cross.

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