Saving Silverman

Factual error: When Judith wakes up chained to the engine block she notices the Sony camera on a pole. The guys are presumably watching her through that camera. The problem is that there are no cables running from that camera to provide the video feed to the TV. Sony cameras always have the video output connections on the front right hand side. There are no cables attached to this camera.



Factual error: When Wayne and J.D. mail off the pictures to Judith they have it addressed to Seattle, WA 21709. In actuality zip code 21709 is for State Farm Insurance Company in Frederick, MD.



Factual error: At the beginning of the film when Wayne's mother has her water break at the 1972 Hot August Night concert, you see Neil singing in a silver spangly 90's shirt. As all true fans know (and the album cover shows during one of the house scenes), Neil was in a denim jacket and jeans with a lot more wild hair.

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When Judith is locked in J.D. and Wayne's basement, she is first wearing a long night gown and she is chained at the ankle to an engine. Then she is given a box of clothes to use and she is next seen wearing shorts - how did she put them on if she was chained at the ankle?



In Australia and the UK they named Saving Silverman "Evil Woman", but why change a perfectly good name?