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Corrected entry: In the bar when Darren's nipples are on fire, he grabs a martini glass of alcohol to put it out. Martinis are made with vodka or gin and neither of those burn as badly as portrayed in the movie.

Correction: Just because alcohol was in a Martini glass doesn't mean it was actually a martini. Any kind of alcohol could have been put in there.


Corrected entry: When Darren is having lunch with Sandy, on their first date, she's in a nun's outfit. As lunch begins, Darren says his fiance died and starts crying. Sandy comes to his side and starts singing Neil Diamond. Darren waves his hands and in a quick succession says, "Wait-Amanda-wait, you like Neil Diamond too?" Amanda is the actress's name. The character's name is Sandy.


Correction: He says "Wait a minute, wait, you like Neil Diamond, too?"


Corrected entry: When the guys kidnap Judith they drive off in her car. As they pull out off the driveway in her car Darren is driving up to the house. He then goes into the house looking for Judith. He just saw her car leave. Why would he think she was still in the house? (00:34:50)


Correction: Is it that hard to believe that he wasn't paying much attention?

Corrected entry: On the scene where they go see the coach in jail he is shown with hand grips, then when it switches to an over the shoulder shot he no longer has them, then it shows a frontal of him and he has them once agan.

Correction: The over the shoulder shot of the coach does not show the handgrip exerciser because the angle of the shot. There is no evidence that the hand grip exerciser was not there. We do not see he hands with nothing in them. We don't see his hands at all.


Corrected entry: When the coach begins to drive away from the jail, he asks Wanye and J.D. which way to go. J.D. says to go left, but the coach goes right. (01:22:30)


Correction: This is a joke, not a mistake. Earlier in the movie Wayne and J.D. are driving and they do the same thing. Wayne says, "Alright, which way?", and J.D. says, "Go left." and then Wayne immediately says, "I'm going right." This joke with the coach is just a continuation of the earlier joke.

Corrected entry: How is it that Judith and Darren have their wedding the day after Judith escapes and finds Darren? If she was thought to be dead, the wedding would have been cancelled. So how could they possibly plan the whole wedding AND let everybody know that Judith didn't die in the course of one day?

Correction: This is deliberate, it is a comedy movie after all.

Corrected entry: When Silverman is calling out Bingo at an elderly housing facility, he calls out "B-19"...there is no B-19 in bingo, B only goes from 1-15.

Correction: I've seen Bingo cards with 100 and even 200 numbers before. Strictly for entertainment (mostly for kids) not used in official tournaments. They could be using these.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Silverman calls Wayne to come to the restaurant to help him deal with Sandy, Wayne tells him that he's on his way and hangs up the phone. Silverman never told him what restaurant he was eating at.

Correction: Darren would have likely told Wayne that he was going out with Sandy that night, and would likely say where he was taking her as well.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Wayne is telling the viewers about his friends, he says that J.D. is allergic to milk. But later when they are watching the football game, he is eating Nachos with cheese.

Correction: He says he is lactose intolerant, not allergic - that is different. I am as well; I can still eat cheese but not drink milk.

Continuity mistake: During Darren's date with Sandy, he had electrodes attached to his nipples to help him forget about Judith. But they soon catch fire and burn holes in his shirt. Later, when you look at his pockets, you can see that his pockets are burned, but the shirt actually touching him is still intact. (01:03:15)

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Trivia: The referee at the football game who gets hit by the sideline mark is Dennis Dugan, the director of the movie.

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