Saving Silverman

Continuity mistake: When Darren tells the guys that he is getting married, the beer in front of him has no foam at the top of the bottle. When the camera angle changes to where it is facing Darren, he moves the beer a little. It now has a lot of foam at the top of the bottle. (00:25:35)


Continuity mistake: In the jailbreak scene when the coach backs into Wayne and J.D's cell, you hear the back up alarm on Wayne's truck (J.D. & Wayne even mention it). Every other time the truck backs up there is no back up alarm, it is silent. (01:17:30)

Other mistake: When Judith is locked in J.D. and Wayne's basement, she is first wearing a long night gown and she is chained at the ankle to an engine. Then she is given a box of clothes to use and she is next seen wearing shorts - how did she put them on if she was chained at the ankle? (00:45:10)

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Wayne: So, Coach, how's your parole coming?
Coach Norton: Not good. The victim's whiny family keeps complaining.
J.D.: God! What is their problem?

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Trivia: In Australia and the UK they named Saving Silverman "Evil Woman", but why change a perfectly good name?

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