Save the Last Dance

Continuity mistake: When Nikki is talking to Derek at Steps, at the end of the first shot, she begins to move her left arm up towards his neck. In the next shot, her left arm is already around his neck, before he pushes her arms down. In the next shot, her left arm is up again as she caresses the back of his neck. In the following shot, her hand has suddenly moved to the side of his head, but in the next shot, her arm is down. (00:29:50)


Continuity mistake: When Sara is talking on the phone to her friend from her other school, her friend asks if there are any white guys at her school, and Sara says no there aren't. In the classroom scene and in other shots, you can see a few white guys.

Visible crew/equipment: About half way through the movie, Sara and Derek are at Sara's apartment and she tells him that her father has a good stereo system. When she turns it on, you can see the reflection of the pole that holds the boom mic in a framed picture of a woman's face just to the upper right of her head. (01:23:20)

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Derek: "Stepps" ain't no square dance.
Sara: That's okay, I'll dance in circles, probably around you.

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Trivia: The woman who choreographed the dance scenes in the movie is also the choreographer for the Backstreet Boys. She uses a lot of "Backstreet style" dance moves in the movie, especially during Sara's second audition for Julliard. The dance moves she does with the chair are the same moves the Backstreet Boys use in their video for "As Long As You Love Me".

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Question: What is the song that is playing over the scene where Sara blanks Derek?

Answer: If you are talking about when they break up and ignore eachother at school, its 'Crazy' by Kacy and Jo Jo.

Answer: 'Crazy' by K-Ci and JoJo.

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