Trivia: The Burig uniform and linen is a reference to Susan A. Burig, the graphic designer of this film.


Trivia: When Scott goes sub-atomic during the climax, pay close attention. For a very brief instant, there are a few flash-frames of a human figure, and a human silhouette can briefly be seen reflected on Scott's mask. It's very easy to miss the first time you watch the movie. These are indeed meant to be hints that Hank's wife Janet is still alive in the quantum realm.


Trivia: In the Pym house there is a red small chair, that's the very first object shrunk by Ant-Man in the comics.


Trivia: When Scott first shrinks, one of the things he encounters is a Kirby brand vacuum cleaner. Jack Kirby was one of the co-creators of Ant-Man.


Trivia: Several costumes were made, all identical. The ones worn by Paul Rudd when he is standing talking and walking were made of many different metal parts and leather. The stunt suits were all made of foam rubber so all metal belts, straps were one piece instead of metal interlocking pieces. 17 different helmets were made of metal and again foam rubber, also ones that were open at the front so we can see the face, some fitted with yellow lenses and ones fitted without. Once Paul Rudd was wearing the helmet the chin strap was added and screwed into position. The stunt helmet was foam rubber and simply worn on his head - it was pull on / pull off in case of injury.

Trivia: Director Peyton Reed was up for consideration as one of the directors of Guardians of the Galaxy, but that project was ultimately given to James Gunn. However, Reed was not forgotten - after Edgar Wright had exited the Ant-Man project, Peyton Reed was then given the opportunity to direct Ant-Man.

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Trivia: Mitchell Carson (who gets punched) in the comics was going to wear the Ant-Man suit for SHIELD, but it was taken by Eric O'Grady, who became the fourth Ant-Man.


Trivia: While denying the rumored existence of an Ant-Man, Darren Cross uses the phrase "Tales to Astonish." Ant-Man's first appearance in a Marvel comic form was under the title Tales to Astonish #27 (January 1962).


Trivia: There is a post credits scene where the new Wasp costume is shown.


Trivia: Stan lee makes his usual cameo before the end as the bartender who talks with Ignacio.


Trivia: In the final scene, Luis is talking with Scott about his friend's date who met up with The Falcon one time. Luis stated that The Falcon was asking that he is looking for a guy and the woman talks about the guys she knows. One of the guys Luis said she mentioned is a guy who climbs walls. This is a clear reference to Spider-Man, who is set to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe very soon.

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Factual error: In order to enter the Pym Tech building, they drop the pressure in the water main and Scott floats in on a raft of fire ants. Getting into it the supply line would mean they have to enter from the municipal main, which would be under full pressure. Even with reduced pressure, the interior pipe would still be full of water. Additionally, Scott would not be able to enter through a faucet unless someone had left it running (the valve would be closed).


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Scott Lang: My days of breaking into places and stealing shit are over! What do you need me to do?
Hank Pym: I want you to break in a place and steal some shit.
Scott Lang: Makes sense.

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Question: As Kurt is loading the hack to deactivate the laser grid, Paxton and his partner are banging on the van, demanding that Kurt and Dave come out. Just as the program finishes loading, the cops open the door and drag them out. If the van was locked, how did they open the door? If It wasn't locked, why did it take so long to just open the door?


Chosen answer: They could have opened it with a crowbar or a Jaws of Life. (Likely the crowbar, since we didn't hear metal rending).

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