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Corrected entry: Paxton says, "I know this van." How, exactly? He briefly saw Scott driving an older brown and beige van once, in daylight. It is now dark. The van has been repainted grey and blue, even inside (as can be seen seen when they open the rear door) and it now has assorted equipment mounted on the outside (ladder, winch, emergency light). Yes, he heard the "La Cucaracha" horn in the distance, but that is hardly a direct connection. The only physical resemblance is the side windows. If real cops forced a vehicle open on such a flimsy comparison, they would be sued.


Correction: No, they wouldn't. Police are very familiar with the technique of repainting a vehicle to change its appearance. That van is the same make, model, and year, three things he is trained to notice, as the one Scott, whom he severely mistrusts, was driving and it has the exact same horn. The odds of the two vans being the same van are pretty great.

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Corrected entry: With regards to the Thomas the Tank Engine model near the end of the film, the mechanism that moves the eyes is part of the same mechanism that drives the wheels. As such, the eyes should have stopped moving from side-to-side from the moment that was derailed. Instead, we have them moving even after the model has been blown up to massive size.


Correction: If the toy engine is derailed, the mechanism continues to function, the wheels just spin uselessly and the eyes continue to move. There's no reason for it to shut off just because it sits on its side.

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Corrected entry: When Scott is running across the model of Pym Tech and getting fired at, one of the guards shooting at him just appears from nowhere. He wasn't in the previous scene.

Correction: The other guard is the one Michael Peña knocked out earlier. Apparently the sound of gun fire woke him up.


Corrected entry: When we are introduced to Louis's friends Kurt and Dave, in the first shot, Kurt is wearing glasses. Suddenly, Kurt's glasses disappear for the rest of the scene.

Correction: After Luis says "he's a wizard on my laptop", the camera cuts to Scott and we see Kurt take off his glasses and sets them down.


Corrected entry: Opening scene. Dr Pym injures the seated Mitchell Carson, drawing blood from his nose. Cuts away to conversation with others, then cuts back to Carson and blood isn't there any more. This happens a couple more times, then a cut back to him and he has a handkerchief to his nose with no blood on either his nose or the fabric. (00:01:00 - 00:02:00)


Correction: No, the blood is always there. In fact, at one point the blood he got on his fingers gets transferred to his cheek when he puts his hand back up to his nose. And there's blood on the handkerchief.


Watch to the end of the scene - after Pym has left. No blood on handkerchief, or Carson's nose.


Corrected entry: At the end of Darren's presentation announcing the Yellowjacket, Hope says, "Thank you very much, everyone. I will escort you out now." She doesn't escort anyone anywhere. She stays in the room and talks with Hank about having to make their move.


Correction: She escorts them out of that room, as we see all the guests leaving. We don't see her leaving, but she's simply out of the frame. As is common in business visits, once outside of the secure room, she must have had someone else escort them out of the building, so she returns to the room.


Corrected entry: Scott apparently had to seek a job at Baskin-Robins under an assumed name. When the boss wants to see him in his office ("Pronto"), he calls him "Steve." Scott is wearing a name tag identifying him as "Jack."


Correction: His boss says "Can I see you in the back, chief? Pronto."


Corrected entry: Paxton and his partner showing up in that family's back yard to tase and arrest Scott makes absolutely no sense. Firstly, they were following the helicopter. Apparently, they suspected there was someone in it they want to apprehend, but did they even know who or why. Remember, they know nothing about the shrink-tech at this point, and they just decided to leave the chaos at PymTech to follow it. Secondly, they decided that the briefcase, which they had somehow noticed fall out of the 'copter, was more important than whoever they were following in the 'copter (at night, no less). Thirdly, having decided the briefcase was more important, they somehow tracked it as it fell and went immediately to its exact landing point. It's difficult if not impossible to do something like that in broad daylight, let alone night time.


Correction: This is just a bunch of assumptions that all can happen. For your first point, PymTech had just imploded, so they would be following the helicopter for an explanation of what happened, considering there was nothing they needed to do at PymTech since the emergency services were there. For your second point, they followed the briefcase (which they probably did notice), because the helicopter was spiralling out of control and was going to crash, so they thought they might grab the only possible evidence they have to find out what happened at PymTech, as anything else would be destroyed in the crash. And for the third one, they had the general area of where the briefcase fell, so they just needed to follow the screams.

Factual error: Twice in the film it is made clear that the Pym particle works by reducing the space between atoms in order to shrink an object, and by increasing it to enlarge them. This means that the object will weigh the same, whether shrunk or enlarged - it cannot be otherwise. A 90kg man the size of an ant would punch a hole through any surface upon which he stood (and couldn't ride ants), Doctor Pym has been walking about with a 60 tonne tank in his pocket, Darren Cross lifts a full grown sheep between finger and thumb, and the supersized Thomas The Tank Engine would be far too light to crush the police car (in fact it would float harmlessly away as it would probably weigh less than the air it displaced).

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Scott Lang: Pick on someone your own size.

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Trivia: The Burig uniform and linen is a reference to Susan A. Burig, the graphic designer of this film.

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Question: As Kurt is loading the hack to deactivate the laser grid, Paxton and his partner are banging on the van, demanding that Kurt and Dave come out. Just as the program finishes loading, the cops open the door and drag them out. If the van was locked, how did they open the door? If It wasn't locked, why did it take so long to just open the door?


Chosen answer: They could have opened it with a crowbar or a Jaws of Life. (Likely the crowbar, since we didn't hear metal rending).

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