Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Factual error: In the opening sequence, the camera pans down on a planet and moon that are three-quarters lit in sunlight (with the sun being far off-camera to the left). A battlecruiser then crosses the images as a silhouette, eclipsing the planet and moon in total blackness. Impossible. The battlecruiser should have been lit three-quarters in sunlight, same as the planet and the moon. Stranger yet, as the stormtrooper shuttles are deployed and cross over the battlecruiser silhouette, the shuttles are illuminated.


Charles Austin Miller

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Poe Dameron: Do I talk first or you talk first? I talk first?



While Poe leads the aerial assault on the oscillator, in the closeups of Poe and other X-wing fighter pilots, note the cockpit windows at the pilots' left and right have identical marks and scratches in their individual X-wings. It's particularly noticeable when one closeup follows another.



After Rey touches Luke's lightsaber she begins to have the vision, and when she falls to the floor the blaster is missing from the back of her belt, but after she "sees" Luke and R2 and then stands up the blaster is back again, tucked into her belt. (Even though Rey's having her vision of things all around her, she herself is not a vision).