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Corrected entry: As Al the Engineer falls off the train, two switch yard workers are standing beside a tank car. If you look at the logo on the car, it says "BA&P", which stands for Butte, Anaconda & Pacific. This is a railroad located in Montana, where some of the filming was done, but the movie is supposed to take place in Alaska, on the Alaska Railroad. The film crew obviously missed this.

Correction: It doesn't matter if the film takes place in Alaska on the Alaska Railroad. The tank car of the Butte Anaconda and Pacific a Montana Railroad could possibly have been in Alaska, as freight cars end up all over the country. When was the last time you saw a Union Pacific freight train with all Union Pacific freight cars?

Corrected entry: When Barstow gives the signal maintainer at Jordan orders to derail the runaway train, there is a shot of him crossing the track to get to the manual switch. In this shot the camera is standing on the track looking the way the train is going. Look behind the signal maintainer further down the track. There is a lot of freight cars parked on the same track.

Correction: The first track that the maintainer crosses, with the freight cars on it, is a siding. The second one he crosses, with the switch beside it, is the main track for the runaway. Finally, there's a third track diverging from the main one curving away to the left. This is the siding the runaway was nearly switched to, and thus the freight cars are not in the train's path.

Character mistake: When the front door of the old F-unit is refusing to open the guys put their shoulder to it. The door they are trying to bash outward actually swings into the area where they are standing. If they really wanted to go out that door they should have unlatched it and pulled.

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Rankin: Let me tell you where you assholes stand. First there's God, then the warden, then my guards, then the dogs out there in the kennel, and finally, you. Pieces of human waste. No good to yourselves or anybody else.

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Trivia: This is, the way I see it, a VERY serious mistake by the filming crew of the movie. The Alaska Railroad, where the shooting of the movie took place, wanted all their logos and paint schemes of all the trains in the movie to be camouflaged. But yet, on the first shot of the locomotive of Eastbound 12 (yes, that is the shot of it before it mysteriously changes from ONE GP40 to TWO ALCo MRS's), you can see the blue and yellow paint scheme of the Alaska Railroad. On the DVD you might even be able to see the printed ALASKA on the side of the loco.

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Question: Why didn't they go back to the 3rd or 4th locomotive where they could access the brake hoses and disconnect one of those, instead of trying to get to the hoses between the 1st and 2nd engines?

Answer: That's what they were doing, going car to freight car break the hoses. They knew it would slow the train down but not stop it. Slow enough so they could jump off without getting injured. That's why they were desperate to get to the first engine not only to break the hose but disconnect from it.

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