Spy (2015)

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Continuity mistake: When the waiter picks up the tray with the poisoned drink on it, it also has a bowl of fruit. When he gets to Rayna's table the bowl of fruit is gone. (00:55:20)

Continuity mistake: While Susan is on the moped chasing after the car, some moments we can see that her stilettos become flats, particularly when she rides over the ramp and shouts, "I am so bad-ass," and also after she shoots the gun out of the car passenger's hand.

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Continuity mistake: In Rome, when Aldo leaves Susan at the hotel, we can see her suitcase in the back seat behind Aldo as he says, "I like to play the odds," and he hands her the card with his number, but then the suitcase just vanishes from the back seat, though she never had the chance to remove it, and when Aldo drives away Susan has the suitcase.

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Continuity mistake: When Susan is fighting the assassin in the restaurant kitchen the assassin is wearing regular flats, but when she kicks the pile of dishes the flats have a strap around the ankle.

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Continuity mistake: When Susan meets Rayna face to face and prevents her from drinking the poison, the glass moves on the table from oddly far away from Rayna to the middle of the table between shots though nobody has touched it.

Continuity mistake: When Susan is fighting with De Luca at his villa she's wearing boots with heels, but when De Luca is running to his helicopter and Susan is chasing him she's wearing flat boots, then the heels reappear.

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Factual error: A scene takes place in the Rome Casino. In Italy there are only 4 official casinos, none of them in Rome.


Visible crew/equipment: When Jason Statham is falling from the helicopter, you can see a pole that's either a camera pole, or some other type of equipment used for the scene. It definitely isn't supposed to be there.

Continuity mistake: When the man has a hole burned through his throat, in one shot he has one hand on his stomach and the other by his side, but in the very next shot both hands are on his throat.


Factual error: A Blue1 flight is shown landing in London and a LAN Airlines flight is shown landing in Rome. Those airlines do not service London or Rome.

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