Stupidity: When Susan is on the balcony with the man trying to kill her, she pulls out her gun with one hand (she's leaning on the other hand). He says she won't shoot because the gun's magazine has fallen out and Susan gives up and drops the gun. However, if there is a round in the chamber, the gun can still fire without a magazine in it. As trained as Susan is suppose to be, she should know this. But, if there's not a round in the chamber, then, as a trained agent, Susan is ineptly prepared to use her gun. If there's not a round in the chamber, pulling the trigger will not fire the gun nor will pulling the trigger chamber a round. But she would need both hands to chamber a round and she only has one hand free. There is the occasional gun that has a magazine disconnect safety, but it would be stupid for field agents to have one since they may be in a situation where they need to fire without a magazine in (such as this situation).


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