Runaway Bride

Plot hole: There are a few references in the movie about Cory, Peggy, Cousin Cindy, Maggie, etc. growing up together in Hale, Maryland (East coast). Why, then, does Peggy have an obvious Midwest accent? (I know 'Peggy' talks like this in real life; in the movie it seems out of place next to the other characters, who all sound the same).


Plot hole: After Maggie and Ike have finally gotten married, their friends and family are on their phones spreading the news. Ellie and Fisher are seen running down the street in the same outfits that they were wearing for the first Maggie/Ike wedding, which took place weeks earlier.

Plot hole: When Ike watches the video of Maggie's three weddings, he sees the rose tattoo on her back in her wedding to Gil. Then later, in Gil's garage, Ike is looking at a topless photo of Maggie from San Francisco when he notices that her tattoo isn't visible in the photo. Then he bets Gil that Maggie no longer has the tattoo. Gil is angry when he finds out Ike was right. But Maggie and Gil presumably broke up after their failed wedding, meaning that the San Francisco photo is from before the wedding. So why would Ike or Gil be surprised that Maggie has no tattoo in the photo? Ike should only suspect Maggie had her tattoo removed if the photo had been taken after the wedding. (00:38:00)

Continuity mistake: When Ike and Maggie are on Ike's balcony in NY, at one point they are both sitting down facing each other. Ike gets up to turn the music on and he returns to Maggie. In the wide shot, his chair that he had been sitting in earlier has disappeared. It couldn't be hidden behind the door, because that would make him too far from Maggie when they were sitting face to face.

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Peggy: Have you heard my husband's morning show?"Wake Up With Flem?"

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Trivia: There is no 'Hale' Maryland; the actual town/area used for filming Runaway Bride is called Berlin (also in Maryland). There was such a response from tourists looking for Hale after the movie was released that signs were erected along the highway and on the main street of Berlin welcoming them to Hale.


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Question: Was the set used in Ike's N.Y. apartment the same set as used as the hotel suite in Pretty Woman?

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