Continuity mistake: When Amy goes home with Donald from work, he locks the door after they both walk in the room. After Donald screams "Pineapple, Pineapple," his Mother just walks into the room, as if it wasn't locked.


Continuity mistake: At the end when Amy goes for the basket she's wearing flat sole boots but when she fails and Aaron goes to her, her boots have changed back to heels.

Continuity mistake: In the meeting at the start, the new intern hands over a cup of coffee to Amy's boss. From then on the cup appears and disappears in her hand while she is standing.

Continuity mistake: When Amy is on the treadmill, she starts to hyperventilate and has to get off. When she sits down and Dr Conners helps her by undoing the back of the suit, he knocks the white ball off Amy's left shoulder. In the next few shots the ball reappears at the back and disappears from the front. Once she starts talking again it stays put. (00:39:20 - 00:40:00)

Justin Nicholass

Continuity mistake: After winning the award, Aaron goes into the hall to talk to Amy, and Amy asks him to put the award down. He sets it down out of shot. When they leave the hallway, in a very brief shot, there is no award to be seen. (01:27:00)

Paul S

Continuity mistake: When Arron first calls Amy from the restaurant look at his hands, in the long shots he's playing with his phone but in the close ups his arms are loosely folded on the table, instant shots and continuous scene.

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