Mystery of the Wax Museum
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Florence: Hello, light of my life.
Jim: Well, well, Prussic Acid.

Florence: Listen, Joan Gale's body was swiped from the morgue, have you ever heard of such a thing as a death mask?
Jim: I used to be married to one.
Florence: Then it came to life and divorced you, I know all about that.

Florence: All right, then you can go to some nice, warm place, and I don't mean California.

Winton: I've only known you twenty-four hours, but I'm in love with you.
Florence: Doesn't usually take that long.

Ivan Igor: If my curiosity is not too great, would you mind telling me what manner of animal it is you are designing?
Ralph Burton: This is one of the Athenian girls for the bacchanal.
Ivan Igor: It would be interesting to know, young man, where and when you studied anatomy.

Continuity mistake: Igor's face is not disfigured on New Year's eve 1933, when he looks out at the crowd. The next scene in the morgue he is disfigured.

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