The Rugrats Movie
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Stu: Okay, maybe real fire isn't the best idea for a children's toy.


Phil: I didn't know she could fly.
Lil: I think it's 'cause she's a witch.


Phil: Thank Bob.
Lil: Thank you Bob.

Lil: We're taking Dil back to the hopsicle, Tommy. We're gonna get your moneys back.
Tommy Pickles: What? You can't do that. My mommy and daddy wanna keep him.
Chuckie Finster: See? See?
Phil: Why? All he does is cry and poop.
Tommy Pickles: So do you.
Phil: I don't cry that much.
Tommy Pickles: Well, you poop an awful lot.
Phil: Look who's talking, Mr. Chocolate Pants.
Tommy Pickles: I am not a poopie monster.

Chuckie Finster: Hey, you guys, help me! The monkeys is trying to take Tommy's brother.
Phil: ...So?

Continuity mistake: When Spike is fighting against the wolf on the bridge, the wolf rips off Spike's collar and sends him flying through the air. While he is in the air his collar is on and when he is holding onto the side of the bridge, it is off again.

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Trivia: Once the film begins, the TV show's intro sequence is played in a small box with opening credits.

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