The Rugrats Movie

The babies and Angelica are confronted by the wolf, however Spike intervenes and the two plunge off a bridge. Stu arrives, but ends up being mistaken for the wizard the babies have been looking for as he is wearing his crashed gilder. Despite wanting to return home, Tommy instead wishes for Spike back. Spike is revealed to have survived the falls, the kids are reunited with their parents and Dil is fully accepted by the babies as part of the group. After the credits, the Reptar Wagon takes off again with Grandpa.

Continuity mistake: When Spike is fighting against the wolf on the bridge, the wolf rips off Spike's collar and sends him flying through the air. While he is in the air his collar is on and when he is holding onto the side of the bridge, it is off again.

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Phil: Thank Bob.
Lil: Thank you Bob.

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Trivia: After the end credits, there is a post-credit scene, possibly taking place the morning after the babies were rescued and back home, with Boris' goat while Grandpa Lou is sleeping in the Reptar wagon. The goat bumps his head into the wagon and the wagon with Grandpa Lou inside napping drives away on the road with the goat following it. Susie's brother is seen waving as the wagon is driving away. Ever wonder what Grandpa Lou's reaction would've been if he woke up and noticed the wagon driving him away from the house? He would've felt possibly scared and got lost like the babies did during the movie.

Matthew Johnson

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