Still Alice

Alice continues to deteriorate from her Alzheimer's Disease, at a couple of points failing to recognize her children. Her suicide attempt by overdose (which she set up soon after her diagnosis) fails when she is interrupted and drops the pills. John moves away to take another job to support the family (and because he can't bear to see his wife get steadily worse), and Lydia moves back home to care for Alice. In the final scene, Lydia reads from 'Angels in America' and asks Alice what she took from it. Alice, now struggling to even form words, communicates that the passage was about love.

Character mistake: At the hospital, Alice's husband says, "Here we are, in a major hospital, and they only have one elevator." In fact, there are two elevators, right beside each other. He actually looks at the other one before making the comment.

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Lydia Howland: But this isn't fair.
Dr. Alice Howland: I don't have to be fair. I'm your mother.

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