Factual error: The picture of the bomb switch shows an Arduino Pro Mini. The Arduino Pro Mini was released in 2008, not in 1975. (01:21:20)

Continuity mistake: While John is talking with the bomber at the laundry place, he stands up and he is 6 feet away but in the next shot that distances increases.


Continuity mistake: When Jane is in the night school, the position of knife and fork on the plate changes between shots. Both on one side (close up) or one on each side (long shot).

Factual error: As the camera pans over the evidence board, it shows a receipt for electronic parts. The receipt is from a store in India, since it includes places for VAT and Challan Id's. Also, the map is from several years after 1975, since it shows the JFK Express and Q trains at 34th Street. (The receipt is definitely noticeable without slow motion or pause. The map is harder). (01:24:15)

David Kra

Factual error: The picture supposedly representing the 1991 Hamburg bombing is actually one of the Chernobyl disaster. (01:26:30)

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