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The Fizzle Bomber: If you shoot me, you'll become me. You get it? That's how it happens. If you want to break the chain, you have to not kill me, but try to love me again.

The Unmarried Mother: You know, sometimes I think this world deserves the shit storm that it gets.

The Bartender: The one thing that this job has taught me is that truth is stranger than fiction.

The Unmarried Mother: You know how it is. People want to adopt a little golden-haired moron. And later on, the boys, they want big tits and pouty lips.

The Interviewer: Do you see yourself as a tourist or a participant?
The Unmarried Mother: I've excelled in advanced physics, biology and astronomy. A tourist is someone who travels across the ocean only to be photographed sitting next to their boat. I have no intention of being a tourist.

The Unmarried Mother: You're not how I imagined you'd look.
Jane: Do I know you?
The Unmarried Mother: You're beautiful. Someone should have told you that.
Jane: Well, you just did.

The Bartender: Here you are at the beginning of your new life. It can be overwhelming knowing the future you're about to create. Knowing the purpose of that life. You know who she is. And you understand who you are. And now maybe you're ready to understand who I am. You see, I love her too.

The Unmarried Mother: The man who ruined my life is a ghost, and so is my daughter. I guess at some point, you have to let it go.

The Bartender: You're about to embark on the most important job a man has ever had. And you're going to do great. I know.

Mr. Robertson: In order to protect our nation's citizens, it's important we keep certain government operations confidential. Wouldn't you agree?
Jane: Yes, sir.
Mr. Robertson: I work for an organization whose primary purpose is not space travel. It's... reshaping wrong doing.

The Unmarried Mother: And when I wasn't expecting it, I met him. There he was.

The Bartender: The only thing that I know for sure, is that you are the best thing that's ever happened to me.
The Bartender: You know who she is, and you understand who you are, and now maybe you're ready to understand who I am.

Jane: Are you lost?
The Unmarried Mother: No I'm looking for someone. Thanks, I'll just wait.
Jane: Well, you know what they say about good things happening to those who wait.
The Unmarried Mother: But only the things left behind by those who hustle.
Jane: I was thinking the exact same thing. What are the odds?
The Unmarried Mother: What are the odds.

The Unmarried Mother: I stopped looking in the mirror. I hated what I saw. I have no photos of myself as a young girl. I don't even remember what I looked like. It's just more of a feeling now.
The Bartender: Well, you look better than I do.
The Unmarried Mother: Who cares how a barkeep looks? Or a writer for that matter.

The Unmarried Mother: You ever hear the expression "a ruined woman"?
The Bartender: Of course.
The Unmarried Mother: Well, I was as ruined as a woman could be. I was no longer a woman and I did not know how to be a man.

Alice: It's never too late to be who you might have been.

Mr. Robertson: I see you've had some disciplinary problems in the past.
Jane: I've had nothing but straight As in all my classes since the first grade.
Mr. Robertson: Yes. Have you ever been with a man?
Jane: Have you?

Factual error: The picture of the bomb switch shows an Arduino Pro Mini. The Arduino Pro Mini was released in 2008, not in 1975. (01:21:20)

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