Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

Trivia: The film (a spin-off James Rolfe's video-game review series "The Angry Video Game Nerd") was partially inspired by Rolfe constantly being asked to review the infamous Atari-2600 game "E.T.- The Extra Terrestrial." However, due to legal copyright issues, the game had to be altered somewhat to be featured in the film. Rolfe decided to humorously re title the game "Eee Tee" in this film, and make small cosmetic changes to the graphics (such as giving "Eee Tee" a moustache) to make it able to be legally included.

Trivia: Directors Kevin Finn and James Rolfe grew up watching cheesy B-movies, and decided to model this film after the low-budget nature of such productions. Hence, they included frequent convoluted plot-twists and purposely-bad special effects. (Such as low-quality miniature models.) However, while most audiences understood that the low-quality of the effects were part of the "joke" of the film, some audiences failed to realize this, and the film received some initial backlash online from people complaining about the effects, not realizing it was intended to look cheap and silly.

Trivia: Funded mainly through the use of online crowd-funding.

Revealing mistake: About seven minutes in, during the scene where we see Cooper helping the Nerd as a cameraman, you can tell that Cooper has been added to the scene using green-screen effects, as the actor was unavailable to shoot at the location. The lighting on Cooper doesn't quite match the lighting of the scene, and you can see a slight "blur/feathering effect" around him where the greenscreen background was removed.

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Cooper: Come on, haven't you had enough?
The Angry Video Game Nerd: A Nerd's work is never done.
Cooper: Well, that's just a stupid line.
The Angry Video Game Nerd: I only said it for the trailer.

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