St. Vincent

Answer: It's left ambiguous as to who the father is.

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Question: What about the huge debt he owes the bookies, the retirement home, the hospital? He has no money at all, but seems like everything is all good in the end. Bookies don't just walk away from a debt just because of a stroke.

Answer: They left ASSUMING he was dead, AND had been the CAUSE of it. The dumbest thing they could have done was return to the scene of the crime if he actually WAS dead Since you can't collect from a dead guy, the filmmakers wish you to assume they just chalked it up as a loss. He wasn't their only customer I am sure.

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Terry: It is what it is.
Vincent: "It is what it is"? Everyone's saying that now. You know what it means? You're screwed, and you shall remain screwed.

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