JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Plot hole: When Karate Kid accidentally frees Lex Luthor from the ice in the future, Lex just hops up with no problem and starts walking around perfectly fine after being frozen solid for 1000 years. Yet when they go back in time and then later free him from the same ice in the past, Dawnstar has to revive him so he can get up, and even after being revived, he is weak. Yet in the future, he came out of the ice perfectly fine and stole the Time Keeper.

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Plot hole: Once Time Trapper has been stopped by Dawnstar and the time vortex in the sky stops sucking things up, everything in the air just hovers unmoving completely. Except for the people. Somehow Batman and Robin and Superman are able to move around just fine in the same time and gravity frozen place, Robin even jumps from hovering rock to rock without them moving. In fact, as soon as the sucking stops, the tree that Karate Kid is hanging onto stops moving and does not fall, but gravity somehow instantly affects Karate Kid and he almost falls off the tree and has to catch on again. It makes no sense at all for the objects to be affected and stand still and the heroes to not be.

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Aquaman: Don't make me poke a leak in that hard head of yours, Manta.



Karate Kid gets angry with Dawnstar for her calling him by his real name and tells her they must stick to their "Super names". Dawnstar then looks away and says, "Well Karate Kid " and she is looking to her right away from Karate Kid who is to her left. But then it cuts to a distant shot from behind and suddenly she is looking to her left, right at Karate Kid.