Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Continuity mistake: When Alexander wakes up to find his brother, Anthony, still asleep, Anthony has no zit on his face. When he looks into the mirror about two minutes later, there is an existing zit on his face, and he has to put a Band-Aid on it.


Continuity mistake: When in the car with Becky Gibson, Alexander get his picture taken by the other kid's phone which is later superimposed on a female body. The picture is taken of Alexander's left side, but all the photo bombs show him face front.

Character mistake: When Mr. Rogue is spinning the globe to assign countries to the students, he puts his hand on North America, or just west of it and says "Lebanon." Lebanon is in Asia, slightly northeast of Egypt and we can see Egypt on the globe on the other side of where his finger is at. He's nowhere near Lebanon.


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