The Book of Life
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Grandma: Kids these days, with their long hair and not killing stuff.

Carlos Sanchez: Mama, how did you get here?
Grandma: Eh. Cholesterol.

Pepe Rodriguez: I'm allergic to dying.
Pancho Rodriguez: Especially in the face.

Goth Kid: What's with Mexicans and death.

Carlos Sanchez: All of the Sanchezes have been bullfighters. All of them.
Grandma: I was a beast in the ring. A beast.

Grandma: Kids today, with their long hair and their no killing stuff.

Carlos Sanchez: All of these families have lost someone, but as long as we remember them, we can feel their presence with us for one night each year.

Continuity mistake: When Joaquin enter the bull fighting ring before Manolo's bull fight, Joaquin removes his cape and drops it on the ground. When Joaquin's horse gallops by and Joaquin grabs onto his steed, the cape is missing. (01:35:00)

John Ohman

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Question: It is stated that Joaquin's father is dead. However, Joaquin's mother never shows up throughout the film nor is there a mention on whether she is also deceased or still alive. What happened to Joaquin's mother? Why does she never appear?

John Ohman

Chosen answer: We believe she left him when his dad died. Supposedly she's in Mexico city.

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