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Corrected entry: When Cadbury suggests that Richie stays in America instead of going with his parents on their trip so that he can make friends with the baseball group, Mrs Rich says that she's going to tell Richie about the idea right away and rushes onto the plane to tell him. Thing is, you never see Richie exit the plane, and even if he did it off screen, the villains are sitting on the tarmac, watching the plane, the whole time and they don't leave until the plane takes off.

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Correction: Ferguson is the only one there and as soon as he sees that all three board the plane, he says "all aboard" then leaves not staying to make sure they stay on the plane.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the narrator describes it as being a "cold and frosty November morning when Master Richie came into the world," however when Richard Sr. opens the doors, green leaves are visible outside the windows.

Correction: Many trees have green leaves year round.


Corrected entry: Would no-one begin to suspect something when Van Dough starts acting all cheerful and moves into Richie's dad's office sipping champagne on the very day the plane was shot down?

Correction: I'm sure some people did but there would be nothing they could do about it, they have no evidence against him to do something. Most likely they just kept quiet to keep their jobs since they wouldn't be able to prove it.

Corrected entry: When Cadbury is in jail he uses the acidic toothpaste to burn through steel bars, If it's strong enough to burn steel, why didn't it burn the toothpaste tube?

Correction: First, this isn't the most realistic movie. Second: in chemistry you can do very interesting things, like create a paste that is very reactive on steel but not reacting with plastics.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, when the Rich family are being chased by that dude and they are on their family vault mountain, Richie has he's feet on the ladder with Mr Van Dough on it. Mr Van Dough points a gun at Richie and he gasps. But if he sprayed himself with that bullet proof spray, why would he be scared of the gun?

Correction: When Richie has the gun in his face, he is afraid because in the previous vault scene, he removes the jacket that had been made bulletproof.

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Regina Rich are in the aeroplane and they unwrap the TNT, it has 9 or 8 seconds on it. So if you count down every time it beeps, the TNT should have exploded at least 3 seconds before they throw it out the window.

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Herbert Cadbury: Excuse me, sir. It's a telephone call, from the President.
Richard Rich Sr.: Which country?
Herbert Cadbury: This one, sir.
Richard Rich Sr.: Probably needs another loan.

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Trivia: When the film was put into production, Macaulay Culkin was nearly five foot six. A cast of tall adults were hired to create the illusion that Culkin was shorter than he actually was at the time. Most of the cast is taller than six foot.

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Answer: Since the person had obviously been let in just to kill Cadbury, the guards would have been paid off to look the other way.

Greg Dwyer

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