Richie Rich

Continuity mistake: While being confronted by his teacher for sending fax messages to his friend across the class, Richie removes the fax from the fax machine. Several shots later, the fax has reappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Richard and Regina Rich are in the aeroplane and they unwrap the TNT, it has 9 or 8 seconds on it. So if you count down every time it beeps, the TNT should have exploded at least 3 seconds before they throw it out the window.


Continuity mistake: When baby Richie puts the green goo on Cadbury's face, Cadbury puts a napkin on the goo and the next shot, there is no goo on the napkin.


Continuity mistake: When they are in the lab giving Richie a tour instead of a lesson, they are turning trash into bowling balls as an example. Well, the professor rolls all the balls off and into the container at the end of the ramp, then in the next shot he's holding one which he drops on his foot.

Continuity mistake: When Cadbury burns the prison bars with the "toothpaste", Richie calls his name, and Cadbury looks the opposite way to where Richie is and yells "Richie!" like he'd seen him. Then in the next shot Cadbury is running the right way again.

Continuity mistake: When Ferguson is about to turn Richie and his friends into bedpans, Prof. Keenbean uses the mechanical bee to sting Ferguson. As the camera zooms in on the bee, the glass covering that was removed in the previous shot of the bee is nowhere in sight.

Continuity mistake: When Cadbury shoots Van Dough with the laser and he falls down the giant stone nose, no orange rope is visible above or near him, yet he winds up tangled in it and dangling in front of the Rich family.


Continuity mistake: When Richie first looks in the mirror thinking he's getting a pimple, he looks at his cheek beside his nose. When he asks his dad if he can see it, he points to his chin.


Continuity mistake: When Richie goes to visit Cadbury in prison he puts the paper bag onto the desk at reception; it crumples. However in the next shot when the officer goes to open the bag it is standing straight up. (00:59:21)

Revealing mistake: When Macaulay Caulkin has all his friends over and they are riding the rollercoaster there is a section of it missing.

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Herbert Cadbury: Well... I'm already wanted for attempted murder, escaping from jail, and blowing up an aircraft. Breaking and entering sounds right up my alley. Let's kick some butt, shall we?
Diane Pazinski: Let's.

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Trivia: The Rich mansion was later used in "Hannibal," as the home of Mason Verger.

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Question: Why didn't the prison guards come to help after Cadbury hollered for them when being attacked by an Assassin?

Answer: Since the person had obviously been let in just to kill Cadbury, the guards would have been paid off to look the other way.

Greg Dwyer
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