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Corrected entry: OK, she mails an anonymous letter to the ROBI. No return address, and when he reads the letter for the first time it isn't signed. So how on earth did they get it to Bob? How did the donor liaison figure out that it went to him? The envelope appears to be the same size when she mailed it to when Bob received it, indicating that there was the one single sheet mailed. There is no obvious way for the connection to be made. (00:31:00 - 00:50:25)


Correction: She mails the letter with the donor identification number on the envelope. Bob receives the letter inside another (white) envelope which is the one he wrote the address of the restaurant on.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Bob comes to the restaurant after Grace leaves, Wally goes to walk Sophie home. In one shot the two are already out the door. In the next shot there are no longer outside and go out through the door again.

Correction: The restaurant has two doors. They went out the inside door, the camera goes outside, then they exit through the outer door.

Corrected entry: After David's wife passes on, in the next scene it shows him getting Chinese food at home. He picks up the dog food dish to give his dog some rice. When the dog does not follow him, he yells at him to come and there on the floor is the dog dish. Then its magically back in his hand again.

Correction: There are two dog dishes which are both the same style. Evidently one is the water dish and the other the food dish. You can see the water dish the whole time on the floor by the door while David has the food dish in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Bob is trying to feed his dog in the kitchen, Bob picks up one of the two dog bowls and brings it into the kitchen. In the next shot the dog is looking at the door and there are two dog bowls sitting there, then in the last shot there is only one dog bowl again.

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Bob Rueland: I miss Elizabeth. I'll always miss her. But I ache for Grace.

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Trivia: As director Bonnie Hunt says on the DVD commentary, she told Minnie (Grace) to hit David (Bob) really hard in the scene when she slaps him, to get a better reaction. This is why his face looks surprisingly cheerful behind his hand as he holds it to his cheek - he's trying very hard not to laugh, as he wasn't expecting it.

He's My Brother

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Question: What is the purpose or the story behind the little stuffed dog that appears in so many scenes? It's on the table when the guys are playing poker, it appears in the bowling scene too.

Answer: Presumably it's a favorite mascot of the group. There's likely no backstory per se, it's just something the filmmakers did to add to sense that these people have been together for a very long time.

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