The Nutcracker

Factual error: Many times in the film, the Nutcracker is shown to be standing at rest, but with its mouth open. It is at rest with nobody touching it, so its handle/lever would be in the down position by gravity. Yet the Nutcracker’s mouth is open. If a nutcracker is sitting at rest with the handle down, the mouth should be closed.

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Continuity mistake: After you hear Godfather Drosselmeier off screen say, "That's not amazing!" the camera then cuts to him walking in the door to the living room. Beside the door on a mantel is a large round vase with a bushy green plant in it, and there is a picture frame on the wall with a red picture in it. Then it cuts to a close up of Drosselmeier saying "I'll show you amazing." Suddenly the vase is much smaller and shaped like a cup, the plant is now flowers, tulips by the looks of them, the picture in the frame on the wall turns blue with clouds in it, and a stand up picture frame and green box suddenly appear on the mantel next to the vase.

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Marie Stahlbaum: Gosh, this is the most wonderful Christmas ever!
Fritz Stahlbaum: Look at all these presents! I didn’t think we were good enough this year to get all this!
Marie Stahlbaum: Well… you weren’t. But I make up for it.
Fritz Stahlbaum: Ha ha, Marie. Watch it or I’ll have my soldiers attack.
[Fritz fires a toy cannon.]
Marie Stahlbaum: Uh! I am just tooooo scared for words.

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