Mumfie's Quest: The Movie

Mumfie's Quest: The Movie (2014)

Ending / spoiler

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Mumfie and Scarecrow return the Cloak of Dreams to The Queen of Night, and she uses it to turn The Secretary of Night into an inkwell, which also frees those trapped in the prison cells and restores happy sounds to the island. They have a party the day after and Mumfie, Scarecrow and Pinkey each get a little thimble to commemorate the occasion. Mumfie then goes back to his cottage with Scarecrow, and after singing the song "Home", they give the Queen's Jewel to the tree the bird from the beginning of the movie lives in to make it well again. Then, The Admirals and the Black Cat are at Mumfie's house, and the movie closes.

Jillian Tyrie

Continuity mistake: At the Queen of Night's party in her garden, Bristle's outfit and appearance change, and the inkwell disappears. (01:42:05 - 01:43:00)

Jillian Tyrie
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